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Safety, a priority for JARANDI.
  • Equipment with inspection-certificate.
  • Well thought-out construction.
  • No rough materials.
  • No saving of thickness of poles.
  • We avoid sharp sides.
  • Floors with non-skid planks.
  • Every product is screwed,
    countersinked in the wood.
  • We never nail.
  • An excellent export-product.

All playground equipment, made by JARANDI are of a well thought-out construction. Our first concerning is the safety of your children.
JARANDI never uses rough materials, even not for the roofs of the play-cottages.
We never save of the thickness of the poles.
Sharp sides (f.ex. stair with rungs in half-round wood) are avoided.
Floors are always with non-skid planks.
Everything is screwed, fixed with bolts, countersinked in the wood. We never use nails.
Cover-up lids at your choice.
JARANDI playground equipment is an export product of a very high quality.

01-01-2005 Excl. added-value tax

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